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I’m Louise Prince, a complementary therapist and mum working in Maidenhead. I qualified in Reflexology with the Association of Reflexologists in 2000 and since have I’ve worked with over 1500+ mums and babies and offer the very best in fertility, pregnancy, birth and baby treatments.

I began working in the baby sector as a nursery nurse in 1999 and met a baby receiving reflexology. it fascinated me so much that I found an evening course I could learn about reflexology whilst continuing to work as a nanny. I enjoyed it so much I began adding more and more therapies to my skillset as I found their benefits interesting for clients. My first client for reflexology was receiving IVF to conceive and so I began learning everything I could about hormones and fertility. From this point on I more and more clients asking me to work with them throughout this huge change in a woman’s life and I built my knowledge around supporting them.

I have two children. I miscarried my first, not uncommon but emotional all the same. My first born was breech throughout my pregnancy and despite using all the complementary therapies I could find she stayed in that position! I researched and read all I could and chose to homebirth with an independent midwife. She was born at  37 weeks naturally in breech position at hospital. It wasn’t exactly the homebirth I’d wanted but natural, pain free and very positive. My Doula is my child’s god mother :0) I had a steep learning curve to breastfeed my child which took 5 months to finally become successful. I couldn’t have done it without the continuous support of my friend and lactation consultant, but it was my informed choice and I appreciated the love and support I got from non NHS professionals.

My second child was in such a hurry to enter earth side, he did so within an hour and without midwife present. The bathroom was his birth place and dad caught him, I had the support of yet another amazing Doula who arrived 12 minutes before my son was born! Another very positive experience, but not so pain free this time! I was glad his pregnancy ended at 40 weeks because I suffered physically from 20 weeks and that felt long enough!

Before my second child I worked extensively with Maidenhead, Windsor and Bracknell children’s centres delivering baby massage to their mums. I am a member of The Maternity Network – a highly qualified local group of therapists and classes in Marlow, Maidenhead and Reading available to you from conception to baby.
I am a member of AIMS (association of improvements to maternity services) www.aims.org.uk. Where ever possible I attend Wexham Park’s maternity liaisons committee meetings to support improvements.

Always updated and valid:
DBRS clear criminal record check)
Professional therapist Insurance
Membership to professional body of Therapists (embody)

I have continued my professional development in workshops and courses (these are just birth/child related)

1999  NNEB nursery nurse
2003 Developmental Baby massage and movement
2004 Qualification: Certified prenatal massage therapist
Workshop: Breastfeeding workshop with Pam Lacey
2004 Study Day: Round about Fertility
2005 Qualification: Birth and Postnatal Doula Course Certificate
2005 Qualification: Certified Massage Doula Course
2007 workshop: Advanced Birth Workshop (doula)
2007 Qualification: Certificate of competency in Maternity Reflexology
2008 Doula UK Certificate of Recognition
2009 Study Day: The short and long term implications of foetal position and birth on health, development and function
2009 (I had my 1st baby)
2013 Study Day: Water Birth with Liz Nightingale Jan 31st
2014 Study Day: Practical skills to prevent and resolve malposition
2014 Study Day: Breech Birth
2014 Study Day: Robozo closing the bones for postnatal mums
2017 Study Day: Breastfeeding

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