Water Birth. A holistic view. Interactive Talk

How can water can be used in labour as a form of pain relief?

What’s different at home or in hospital?

Will it slow my labour?

What if i don’t want to give birth in water?

What do you want to know about giving birth in water verses on land?

How do you set up for a water birth at home?

Waterbirth Louise Prince

Louise Prince

I walk you through all of these questions and more on my Water Birth facilitated with a birth Doula.




Why do this talk though with me?
I’m not an antenatal teacher, you already know the benefits of water and why you should birth in water, I DO want to give you information that will enable you to make positive informed decisions that enhance your birth experience. So what you’ll get from this talk really isn’t the sort of think I think you’ll get in a typical antenatal course. I have been at waterbirths and give you lots of hints and tips to use water effectively for YOUR birth.
I’ve been at several water births, supporting couples and mothers and completed a course specific to water birth. I’ve been a birth doula since 2005 and supported familes throughout the end of their pregnancies into parenthood. I hoped to have a waterbirth with my children but my daughter was breech and my son was born in 30minutes on the bathroom floor! Everything set up, it was my daughter who enjoyed some plashing about time. I’ve now donated my professional pool to the Reading Homebirth Group to use for free. To book this antenatal talk, email Louise@mindbodyandbump.co.uk for details and booking form.

What does ‘Holistic’ mean?
To me, it means I am treating you as a whole being and individually to others. Not everyone will have the same birth or use water int he same way, or want to use water in the same way, so I aim to give a whole view on waterbirth from my perspective supporting clients.

What do you mean by ‘interactive’?
I can talk, I mean really talk! But it’s not all about me and what I know, its what you WANT to know, so you are welcome to interrupt/butt in/raise your hand or whatever, and ask me questions that you want to know, especially if my information throws up something  you didn’t alreayd know about, or tha

How can I sign up?
Available via Zoom. It’s a free app, I’ll host and I just send you a link to follow.
It’s £25 per couple via zoom or prefer to just be yourselves, £40 privately just direct from my living room to yours. To book email Louise@mindbodyandbump.co.uk

Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you virtually of course!  Louise x
Louise Prince, Mind Body and Bump, Birth Doula.