Walk Through Labour with your Birth Doula

So you’ve got all this knowledge on labour, pain relief, what you DO, or DON’T want, positions to get into.
What do you do in labour, and when?

Reasons why you might do this online workshop
Have you had your antenatal classes cancelled during the pandemic, not sure where to turn.
Having your first baby and want to know what to expect
Had a Csection and want to know about a vaginal birth
Want some knowledge but it’s your next baby and you dont want to hear all that unnessasary stuff again

This workshop is your answer to those questions.

How does it work?
Spend up to 3 hours with me (it seems like rather a lot, but there’s a lot to get through and time flies when you’re having fun! I do the workshop via zoom which is a free app. i schedule a meeting and send you the link, you just click on and join me. You can do one with your antenatal friends, or individually, with, or without you partner.

What do you get by attending online?
This invaluable information is wrapped up in a powerpoint presentation with beautiful pictures and notes – so you don’t have to take copiousnotes.
The recording will be available online for you to check back as and when you need to and I’ll send you a copy of a birth plan template you can use which includes these techniques, or suggestions to fit into your own preferences.

Why do this with me? There are lots of different courses out there, whats so special about mine?
I’m a birth doula and supported many families throughout planning, and during their births since 2008. I’ve been there and done it. One of the training aspects of being a good Doula (imho) is to be non-judgemental and never take preconcieved ideas into the birthing room. This way, I have continuous belief in your body, yet you are in charge and make the decisions. I’ve always offered information which gives you choices – even if the info isn’t what you wanted to hear because you want it to all be over, but you’re 3cm!
I am impartial, on your side. I don’t go against medical advice and I’m not against the NHS or the medial care you recieve, I care that you make positive decisions that affect your birthing experience – whatever that is – planned or emergency csection, epidural, affirmations, chanting. It’s unique to you and you are my lead. I’m pro choice and am completely behind the ‘Your Body, Your Baby, Your Choice’ motto. So the information I provide in my courses is non-medical and geared (as much as i can) around you and your choices.

What’s the agenda? Walk Through Labour and Birth

  • Recognising the stages of labour
  • Natural pain relieving methods at home
  • Essential breathing patterns needed for pain relief and control in labour.
  • Realtime practical guide on positions and what they do and how they support your labour.
  • Tips from a birth doula’s experience supporting couples in labour
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Practical guide that can be used throughout labour or a medical induction.

Train your brain to know these skills well BEFORE labour so they come naturally. So practise with your partner because they will be with you in the beginning or the end (depending on hospital policy) You’ll know what you want to do, when and for what part of labour when it’s your turn for B Day.

You can do this individually, with or without your partner arranged in the day, evening or weekend . Online via Zoom £60
As a group of 3 or more with friends online via Zoom £25 per household.
Book Now by simply emailing me your interest Louise@mindbodyandbump.co.uk or send me a text 07711938856

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waterbirth course with Louise Prince