Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re in the right place to book a pregnancy massage in Maidenhead.


Due to the coronavirus social distancing I have accepted this responsibility and have closed my doors for touch therapies like massage. If you have had your antenatal classes cancelled or are distancing yourself and want antenatal support and a community, I am part of a group of professionals who provide a weekly online pregnancy yoga class with 30minutes of dedicated question and themed session with a hypnobirthing midwife and myself: reflexology, birth doula and baby massage/parental support. If you wish to join us you can email

I am qualified in massage catered to pregnancy from week 4 to week 42. A specially-tailored pregnancy massage and other treatments which are safe to enjoy. Massage is given whilst side lying and fully supported with specialised pillows/bolsters. You have a pillow under your head and one to cuddle or gently support your growing bump plus one under your leg to keep your pelvis straight, ensuring the most comfortable position to lay in pregnancy!

I use a specific massage oil. It is light and non-greasy. it washes out of towels well so they dont have that ‘oily’ smell, the same goes for the clothes you wear after the massage. It has jojoba oil to provide deep, nourishing skin care and Aloe Vera known to be healing and soothing to the skin. Leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised, not sticky and uncomfortable like some oils may.

Pregnancy Massages in Maidenhead take place in my treatment room which is nestled in the garden.

The room is a comfortable temperature and the towels are warmed so they’re inviting to lay on. I use a massage sheet instead of lots of towels which should bring the highest amount of comfort during your treatment. I can also keep the treatment discreet using the sheet to cover the body whilst each body area is relaxed. These unique massages aim to relieve back tension, swollen hands and feet, eases the mind and lift your spirits.

What can massage in pregnancy improve?

Better quality sleep

Decreasing and relieving some headaches

Creating deep relaxation

Decreasing swelling of the legs, ankles, hands

Relieving stress, fear or anxiety

Massage is very beneficial after birth too.

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For a Reflexology appointment please send me a text message 07711-938856 and if you want to talk first, I’ll call you back.

Price List

Pregnancy quick back massage 30m £25
Back and shoulders only. 30minutes. Focus on those achy areas and relax muscles, release tension and switch off.

Relaxed back massage for mum-to-be 40m £38
Back, neck and shoulders massage. Twenty minutes on either side of your back. I can cater the massage to give a soothing effleurage massage with long strokes. To work into areas that may be more tight or knotty – this can be done around the shoulder blades and neck.

Nurturing massage for mum-to-be 60m £55
Back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms for an hour. Feel nurtured and relaxed with this specialised massage treatment. this massage will provide all the support and calm that mum-to-be deserves during this special time.

Pamper me mum-to-be massage 90m £80
Back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet, arms and hands are given some pleasant attention, then tummy massage, soft enough it’s just for you, before the treatment finishes with a satisfying neck and head massage. It provides relaxation and comfort during a time when your body needs it the most. Back ache and tired legs are eased and soothed whilst a sweet-smelling, oil nourishes and moisturises the skin. 90minutes

Repositioning breech, back to back or transverse baby
It is non-invasive but been very useful to help turn alternative to a medicalised procedure. It doesn’t mean you can’t have an ECV to turn your baby, but there may be an easier way of doing it. I combine this with a lovely foot reflexology treatment which aims to support the rebozo work using energy to encourage baby round. 60mins £50

Purchase a Gift Voucher

For gift vouchers in monetary amounts from £10 or for specific treatments. E-vouchers can be sent within 48 hours. All my gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. Please email me and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Mind Body and Bump Treatment Room

My Mind Body and Bump therapy room is nestled in the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It is equipped with heating / air conditioning unit. I use a lovely soft cream for your feet which allows me to use massage-like movements to feel each reflex in the feet.
Expectant mothers are not recommended to lay on your back (and it may be uncomfortable to do so anyway!) I have a fully electronic couch that cradles your body in a semi reclined sitting position. It has several inches of padding for comfort and I don’t use any couch paper, so you’ll be sitting on warmed, soft towels for your treatment. I choose music similar to that you’d find in a spa; non intrusive, but perfect to get lost in.

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