Maternity Reflexology

“Maternity Reflexologists aim to optimise the health potential of the pregnant woman. They will give the client reflexology information. They will not give medical or obstetric advice and must ensure that a client with problems is in the care of the appropriate Clinical Practitioners” – Suzanne Enzer

Having reflexology in your pregnancy is safe only when given by a qualified maternity reflexologist like myself. There are acupressure points around the feet that can be used to prime for labour, obviously before 40 weeks, these are not used.

“Maternity Reflexology is the expertise of the Reflexology practitioner in using a natural therapy (Reflexology) to support the natural event of pregnancy & birthing” From
Pregnancy is not an illness, it is a journey and I would like to use my skills to help you sail through it with as little discomfort as possible. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy.

Reflexology in pregnancy could help improve:

Better sleep

Probably better quality too. Clients report they sleep through what might usually be many bathroom trips).

Better sleep

Probably better quality too. Clients report they sleep through what might usually be many bathroom trips).

Symphysis pubis pain or pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic pain can sometimes seriously effect the way you feel in your pregnancy. the pain and weakness can affect the way you carry out daily, mundane tasks which can become big challenges. To accompany the treatment, ask about the PGP notes I’ve made that are all abou this debilitating condition and see how much easier life could be made by following some tips.


Stress, fear or anxiety, Mood swings

Gestational Diabetes

Reflexology can be beneficial to reduce the likelihood of GD in pregnancy and lessen the symptoms in diagnosed patients.

Constipation / piles

A really uncomfortable condition that responds really well to Reflexology. Hormones cause your digestion to slow in pregnancy which can cause an uncomfortable sensation in pregnancy and it can get severe with colic like pain. (I know, I suffered in my second pregnancy) So clients have reported the piles have decreased enough before they went into labour that they felt more confident about labouring. I recommend you come back after labour to recieve some short, regular sessions to relieve the discomfort.

Oedema or swelling


Many clients with headaches report less frequency an sometime they go completely.

Low laying placenta

There isn’t much the medical community can do except monitor via scans in your pregnancy and book a section if the placenta stays near to or touching the cervix. Reflexology works with the cells of the body, to give them vibrancy and energy. Many of the ladies I’ve worked with from 32 weeks to 36 weeks have found that it hasn’t just moved, but got completely out of the way. This changes the outcome for their birth and they can plan for a vaginal birth instead of having no choice but to go for the surgery.


Reflexology in labour could help improve:

Preparation for labour

Suitable from 37 weeks, during this 1 hour I give a full reflexology treatment, followed by stimulating reflexes in the feet for the hormones to change them ready for labour, the cervix reflex to encourage it to efface and dilate. Even if reflexology didn’t start your labour and due to circumstances out of your control, you were to have a medical induction. It may be a faster labour and the induction may work better due to your body being far more ready than if you hadn’t had reflexology.

I give 3 treatment, booked in your 37, 38, 39 and 40th weeks. This is £160.

Slow-to-start labour

Acupressure points can be applied that are situated in your feet and ankles with my thumbs and fingers. It is designed to have a ripple effect on the energy of your body and baby to kick-start a slow to start labour. Perhaps your waters have broken before labour has started? Have some reflexology, you’re nothing lost and no harm can be caused. It may bring relaxation whilst your labour is encouraged. It is recommened that it you are experiencing early labour cramping or live more than 20minutes away, that you have some one drive you. They are welcome to sit in my therapy room or the Thatched Cottage is just within walking distance for a cup of tea/coffee.

Post dates (40+ weeks) and induction of labour

See my workshop information

Reflexology Post Birth 

Reflexology post birth can be given as soon as you are recommended to drive by your midwife. You can bring your baby with you and in fact they really seem to enjy feeling the energy waft over them. You are welcome to feed your baby or just have a cuddle during the treatment.


After Vaginal delivery

After medical induction of labour

Helping to cleanse the chemicals from your body

After pains in your uterus

After an Epidural

Supporting the elimination of the medication from your body, helping to strengthen bladder to regain control better and faster after the catheter. Soothing your back muscles.

Post birth headaches

Breastfeeding challenges

Such as engorgement, bringing your milk in and block ducts can also be soothed and encouraged using reflexology in a natural way.

Constipation / haemorrhoids / piles

Reflexology continues to establish its reputation and popularity by the effective results people experience.  Empiric knowledge and research studies have demonstrated that those receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have shorter birthing with less intervention (1).
1. The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy. Dr Gowrie Motha Reflections Dec 1994

Is it safe?

The healing comes from inside you, however reflexology will spoort the healing process. Doctors diagnose, reflexologists use the feet to give them a complete picture of the whole being. You must not have reflexology if you have suffered with DVT. Reflexology increases the vitality of the vascular system, there is a possibility thombosis may move.

Precautions must be taken if you have any of the following in pregnancy. We may need to be more gentle or certain techniques should not be used. If you are suffering with any of the following I would appreciate a note from one of your health professionals to say it’s okay to continue with treatment. Threatened miscarriage, IVF, hypertension, diabetes, immediately after surgery, drugs such as clomid, heparin and warfarin, epilepsy, some diseases such as cancer, cardiac conditions, foot diseases, broken bones.

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Price List

Pregnancy or postbirth reflexology:

30mins £25
45mins £40
60mins £55

Getting labour started the natural way. Labour priming.

Reflexology 1 hour, acupressure, rebozo 10mins, aromatherapy and my notes on encouraging labour naturally at home  £70
Just Reflexology and Acupressure 1hour £55

Repositioning breech, back to back or transverse baby

It is non-invasive but been very useful to help turn alternative to a medicalised procedure. It doesn’t mean you can’t have an ECV to turn your baby, but there may be an easier way of doing it. I combine this with a lovely foot reflexology treatment which aims to support the rebozo work using energy to encourage baby round. 60mins £55
See Rebozo link under ‘treatments’ tab

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For gift vouchers in monetary amounts from £10 or for specific treatments. E-vouchers can be sent within 48 hours. All my gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. Please email me and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Mind Body and Bump Treatment Room

My Mind Body and Bump therapy room is nestled in the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It is equipped with heating / air conditioning unit. I use a lovely soft cream for your feet which allows me to use massage-like movements to feel each reflex in the feet.
Expectant mothers are not recommended to lay on your back (and it may be uncomfortable to do so anyway!) I have a fully electronic couch that cradles your body in a semi reclined sitting position. It has several inches of padding for comfort and I don’t use any couch paper, so you’ll be sitting on warmed, soft towels for your treatment. I choose music similar to that you’d find in a spa; non intrusive, but perfect to get lost in.

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