Natural labour induction

Due to the coronavirus I’ve closed my doors for touch therapy. It is proven that regular reflexology post 40 weeks can encourage your body to prepare for labour. For a good labour, we want the cervix to come forward, shorten, thin and eventually dilate. For most first time mums, this happens in labour. With massage on specific areas of the foot, we can encourage the body to start doing these things in advance of labour. Then we want the uterus to contract, but we want every surge to count, so massaging the uterus reflex on the foot is beneficial.   

I have created a video which is a self tutorial that I can send you via whats app. You can watch this with someone in your own time and you can do the foot massage based on reflexology and acupressure that I show you. This video is £20 and is 8 minutes long. I kept it short so it’s not boring but you can take your time and pause or watch it as many times as you want to. To get this video or talk to me about it send a text 07711938856

The couples I see who are trying to conceive have many different backgrounds and journeys but what you all have in common is that you want to conceive a baby and have a healthy pregnancy. Whatever part of your journey you are at, it is important to me that I listen. I have plenty of time to listen to your journey and we discuss the frequency and timeline for Reflexology that suits you.

I think the benefits of reflexology (helping the body tap into it’s own ability to heal itself and restore balance to equilibrium) can have an indirect positive effect on mind and body, in which conception can take place.

What’s included in the session?:

Reflexology treatment.

Sit back and enjoy a foot reflexology treatment for 45 minutes.

Rebozo treatment

Rebozo is the name of this special ‘scarf’. It is incredibly strong but also very flexible. It cradles your belly without cutting into your body. In a fully relaxed position where you are giving baby the most amount of space they can get in the womb, the scarf is used to hold your baby, this can lift baby out of the pelvis if this is the aim, or simply support baby’s weight. Then using a gentle rocking movement, baby is encouraged to move into the best/most desirable position for spontaneous birth to happen.

Chat about induction (optional)

You want to avoid medical induction but what if this is the only option left open to you? Is there anything you’d like to know? What options you could still have and could you say No to medical induction?

Positions and movements (OFP) using the birth ball

Aromatherapy oil information

Homeopathy information

Other home remedies

I use my qualifications as a maternity reflexologist and birth doula including CPD courses to offer the information included in this workshop. Louise is not a yoga instructor and does not work outside the realms of her qualifications. There are no guarantees that a labour will follow the workshop, the aim of the workshop is to help you feel more prepared, know your options and feel empowered for your birth..

“I attended Louise’s workshop, Louise is a wealth of knowledge and is generous with sharing it. The workshop itself was multi faceted with birthing and aromatherapy information, exercises to open the pelvis and prepare for and assist in birth and hand out sheets to practice with at home. The high light though was finishing with Reflexology, Louise has amazing hands which intuitively go to the areas needed, I was walking on air after. I would highly recommend to all pregnant women”

Geraldine McColgan

Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Practitioner

“Louise is an amazing and talented therapist! She is gentle, compassionate and knows what she is doing. She turned my breach baby at 37 weeks of gestations, when the hospital has given up hope the baby was going to turn and was going to be sceduled for a c section. Then I went for acupressure massage, baby was head down two days after that when we were booked for the operation at the hospital. Thanks to Louise I got a chance for a natural labour. Have recommended her to everyone I know when they struggle in pregnancy.”

Petra Hampshire

Are you hoping to avoid an induction of labour? This workshop is for you.

Facilitated by Louise Prince, birth doula and maternity Reflexologist

Does induction really reduce the likelihood of more interference needed? Does waiting a bit longer or preparing from 37 weeks seem more gentle to you? It’s for this very reason that I created this session.

There is something to be said for being patient. Your baby will come when s/he’s ready. But if an induction date is looming, you may feel like you want to give him/her a gentle nudge. I’ve got some alternative methods to prepare your body, encourage baby into your pelvis, stimulate endorphin production, give baby lots of energy and encourage baby to be ready.

This 2 hour appointment with me aims to give you have the skills to encourage a spontaneous labour and make informed choices about your birth options along with being more likely to labour spontaneously.

You or you and your partner/husband are welcome, we can enjoy a cuppa (or raspberry leaf tea!) whilst you have the opportunity to ask questions, gain information, enjoy a reflexology treatment and learn other practical and informational techniques for stimulating a spontaneous labour.

Please bring a birth ball or let me know if you need to borrow one for the session.

You can attend this workshop from 37 weeks or at any time up until your have your baby.

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Price List

30 minutes £25
60 minutes £50

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Mind Body and Bump Treatment Room

My Mind Body and Bump therapy room is nestled in the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It is equipped with heating / air conditioning unit. I use a lovely soft cream for your feet which allows me to use massage-like movements to feel each reflex in the feet.
Expectant mothers are not recommended to lay on your back (and it may be uncomfortable to do so anyway!) I have a fully electronic couch that cradles your body in a semi reclined sitting position. It has several inches of padding for comfort and I don’t use any couch paper, so you’ll be sitting on warmed, soft towels for your treatment. I choose music similar to that you’d find in a spa; non intrusive, but perfect to get lost in.

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