Newborn baby massage

Welcome to newborn baby massage

Relaxed & informal …
I run the sessions home-from-home in cox green, maidenhead. This isn’t a session you have in a church hall and have to pick up an leave immediately after. No rushing, feeding any which way is accepted and supported, dads or a helper are welcome, as are multiples for no additional cost.

What to expect ..
This entire course is booked around you as early parenthood with your first second or subsequent baby. Babies cry, sleep, feed, you name it, and thats all fine!

Experience and information…
I’m a mum of a cmpi child diagnoised at 17months and my first born had jaundice, tongue tie, thrush, colic (GP said that, not me), low weight gain which went on for 4 months. I had my nipple bitten through, i cried almost every day with my first and was on a high with my second! I totally get the journey you’re on! With my nursery nursing experience too, this is a completely rounded parental course with massage for your baby included.

Why attend?
Whether you’ve had a csection or vaginal birth, are feeling overwhelmed, are looking for an activity to enjoy with your little one, you’ll find what you need on this course. It’s baby-led and there’s no emphasis on getting anything “right”

What will you learn?
Effective winding techniques, tips for feeding, changing nappies, undressing baby among other subjects.
Different, helpful ways to hold your baby.
Positions to massage your baby in that dont involve putting your baby down.
Introduce strokes and massage to your baby and I’ll support you to do this yourself.

I provide herbal, tea, coffee and dairy free alternatives after the session and can go round individually to answer individual questions or demo the routine.

Each session is 2 hours long leaving plenty of time to relax, listen, share and get what you need from each session.

The 4 week course is £50 and your baby should be 8 weeks or under (or a corrected age if born early or has delayed development).

Dates for the next course are:

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Starts 14th January 2019 for 4 weeks
1pm – 3pm
Home, Cox Green, Maidenhead
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Starts 16th January 2019 for 4 weeks
1pm – 3pm
Home, Cox Green, Maidenhead
BOOK NOW – 3 spaces remain