Movement & Massage

Welcome to the Massage and Movement Course

Giving you the skills through games, movement and massage to encourage your baby to roll, sit, crawl, stand and take steps.

With more and more ‘convenience products’ like the bumbo, door bouncers, walkers and jumperoos, our children aren’t encouraged to keep the best posture, or sit, crawl, stand building muscles that are actually going to be helpful.

Anything that helps your baby do something, ie sit up – the worse it is for their natural, instinctual postural development.

Courses run in my home in Maidenhead, which means I can control the environment very well.
The set up is completely different to any other massage course, mainly because this is more about games, songs and movements that encourage your baby to sit unaided, stand and walk unaided, without you having to break your back helping them walk holding their hands!

  • Tone muscles to allow movement, but sustain flexibility
  • Stand up confidently with strength, not pull themslves to standing
  • Work with gravity and drive heel to toe when walking
  • Keep joints flexible, but strong.
  • To encourage good sitting posture.
  • Opportunity for babies to have fun and interact with parent
  • To encourage muscles needed in lower back, not just legs for standing.
  • To enocurage baby to stand with correct posture instead of pulling themselves to standing.
  • To encourage good heel to toe foot movement for prep for walking.

You cannot afford to miss out on teaching your child these essential skills.

Dates for the next course are:

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