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Welcome to the Massage and Movement Course

Giving you the skills through games, movement and massage to encourage your baby to roll, sit unaided, crawl, stand and take first steps without muscular strain. This 4 week course is all about babies moving!

There are many convenience products like the bumbo (sitting baby up), door bouncers and jumperoos (upright bouncing) and walkers (holding their weight in a semi sitting/standing position to encourage walking and getting A to B) which our children love! But they do not encourage our children to learn skills like sitting unaided, enjoying tummy time, standing up from kneeling or walking without musclular strain.
All children will learn how to walk eventually, but they may begin to toddle like they’re top-heavy, leaning forward and leading with their head. Children are less likely to drive through their feet and walk heel through to toe. The course i teach aims to show how you play simple games and gentle activities to help them keep flexibility, gain strong muscles (where they’re most needed) and move through the evolutionary postural positions that catapault your baby into the world of being upright and movement!

Here is a testimonial from Katy who attended a course with her son Hughie.
“He’s a totally different walker and mover to my other children, so strong and secure with his movements. He squats with ease and could go from kneeling to standing without holding onto anything and before he could walk! Everybody comments on his core strength”

Small babies first on their feet do favour their weight forward, but there comes a time when encouraging them to drive through their legs to standing instead of pulling themselves up using their upper body strength that in my mind, means they do not build sufficient strength in their lower back, pelvis or legs that really should be doing the work. THe sitting stage of japanese pose is often skipped or used up quickly. Balance is a major issue for babies beginning to leave the structure or person they’re holding onto and lift their feet clean off the floor to move forward. For the babies who attend this course, they drive heel through the toe and walk upright with their hips in alignment and backstraight, it’s through using gravity to press down and drive forward that enables them to have balance, poise and confidence in their ability.
If you imagine standing on stilts for the first time and being told to leave the structure you’re holding onto, would you lift your legs up, or drive through one leg to push you forward onto the next? There’s a really subtle difference, but the difference is all down to gravity, confidence and posture. The babies that take their first steps after attending the Progressive Movement course with me are much sturdier on their feet, they walk with more confidence and take the gravity skills through to other challenges like climbing.

Generally toddlers bend or squat to the floor to pick something up before using gravity and pushing down into their feet/kegs to stand up. When is it that we lose this skill, is it when we become taller and further from the floor? Is it when we start school and it on cold concrete floors in assembly for an hour or so regularly? Anytime I go into schools I see children sat with rounded backs, without the flexibility (or encouragement) to be able to sit with a straght back without muscluar strain. That’s the important bit ‘without muscular strain’. If you were to sit on the floor with your legs out straight, could you sit up straight – without using muscles to HOLD you there? How soon wuld your back round slightly and your shoulders come forward? The skills you gain through the Progressive massage and movement course can ensure your child gets the very best start for their posture.

If you were to sit on the floor with your legs out straight, could you sit up straight – without using muscles to HOLD you there?

Progressive movement and massage 4 week courses run in my home in Maidenhead. There’s parking in the driveway and its free!
The set up is completely different to any other massage course, mainly because this is more about games, songs and movements that encourage your baby to sit unaided, stand and walk unaided, without you having to break your back helping them walk holding their hands! Help your child to gain:

  • Tone muscles to allow movement, but sustain flexibility
  • Stand up confidently with strength, not pull themslves to standing
  • Work with gravity and drive heel to toe when walking
  • Keep joints flexible, but strong.
  • To encourage good sitting posture.
  • Opportunity for babies to have fun and interact with parent
  • To encourage muscles needed in lower back, not just legs for standing.
  • To enocurage baby to stand with correct posture instead of pulling themselves to standing.
  • To encourage good heel to toe foot movement for prep for walking.

You cannot afford to miss out on teaching your child these essential skills that carry them forward a lifetime.

You can do this course with your antenatal group of friends, just send me an email to discuss
Dates for the next course are:

SPRING Feb/March
Tuesday 25th Feb, 03 Mar, 10 Mar (no class 17th) 24th Mar 9.30am-11.30am @ Mind Body and Baby

SPRING April 2020
Tuesday 28 April, 05 may, 12, 19 May 9.30am-11.30am @ Mind Body and Baby

SUMMER June 2020

Tuesday 9 June, 16th, 23rd, 30th June 9.30am-11.30am @ Mind Body and Baby

END SUMMER September 2020
Tuesday 15 Sept, 22, 29th, 06th October 9.30am-11.30am @ Mind Body and Baby