Developmental Baby Massage

Welcome to Developmental Baby Massage

This is a relaxed, course available for parents with babies aged  2 to 6 months old. Mums, dad’s, siblings, grannies all welcome.i have  a keen interest in postural development which is why i teach peter walkers developmental baby massage. Simple, but effective techniques that have a huge impact on your baby’s posture – keeping them flexible and building strong muscles.
Included with this course, you also get Masterclasses in winding, importance of Tummy Time and other clever parenting hacks and tips. You’ll recieve a welcome pack, class notes, bottle of organic oil, weekly handouts plus a cuppa and biscuits after each class. You’ll get a link to the video of each class you can do at home, delivered through your group’s What’s App, ideal for meeting more mums with babies the same age and making lifelong friends. This is all wrapped up in 2 hours per class for 5 weeks.
As a retired nursery nurse i love and have a passion for babies to learn through play. i demonstrate massage techniques with a doll whilst you copy and coo with your own baby. We sing and rock and massage. its lovely, informal and relaxed. We’ve got loads of time so if baby wants to feed, let them! I’ll show you the bits you missed, don’t worry about missing out.

More information/ courses

I can give you support using massage for babies who have;

  • Prefer to lay their head on one side
  • Flat head / tight neck
  • Tummy gripes/pain or wind
  • Belly button hernias