Developmental Baby Massage

Welcome to Developmental Baby Massage

In light of the corona virus and government guidelines to socially distance ourselves, I will be teaching the April course online.
I have purchased the online platform Zoom and have a ‘set up’ pack which you’ll recieve via email when you’ve booked onto the course.
You can see the courses and book using this link: BOOK HERE

This is a relaxed, course available for parents with babies aged 6 weeks to 5 months old. Mums, dad’s, siblings, grannies all welcome!
Method to the madness, that’s what id say about this massage!
i have a keen interest in postural development which is why i teach peter walkers developmental baby massage.

This is all about your baby’s dvelopment through massage and movement. We also include tips and massage for winding, umbilical hernia, preference of head on one side or tummy gripes. As a retired nursery nurse i love and have a passion for babies to learn through play. i demonstrate massage techniques with a doll whilst you copy and coo with your own baby. We sing and rock and massage. its lovely, informal and relaxed. We’ve got loads of time so if baby wants to feed, let them! I’ll show you the bits you missed, don’t worry about missing out.
I provide change mats for the floor, entertainment for baby, a bottle of organic sunflower oil and instruction sheets you can take home.

I finish with an informal cuppa and chat including tips, hacks and info for feeding, sleeping, calming, winding and playing with baby. No agenda, just subjects you want to chat about.

There’s no rush and if need be, I can teach the session twice or individually so you can  learnt the massage movements. I demonstrate on a doll, or if mulitples are in the class, I get to massage a baby, which I love to do!

If your baby is unhappy nude, i have some suggestions that have helped in the  past.

Babies i help the most in these sessions include

  • Prefer to lay their head on one side
  • Flat head / tight neck
  • Tummy gripes/pain or wind
  • Belly button hernias