Tummy pain & colic calming

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Designed for parents whose babies are suffering from colic, reflux, constipation, wind and crying.

I try to track down the root cause with you. I complete a full consultation asking all about you and baby to see if there’s anything else I can suggest.

I give you lots of techniques that may help with wind, sleeping and feeding as these are all linked for babies. I work with your baby by holding. massaging, gently feeling their tummy and using massage techniques to clear any backlog of wind.

I would prefer them to be happy, as I’m sure you would be! So I do bounce, rock and change their position to encourage them to be happy. if they need a feed, I am totally baby-led and build on plenty of time to do everything i need to get an undertsanding of how best I can help you and your baby.

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Colic and Calming

Bookable Monday to Friday afternoons