Online/drop in Developmental Massage


Developmental Baby Massage with Louise Prince Mon or Wed from 10.00am via Zoom.
April Courses are online. You will get a set-up pack for @home.  Price is discounted for online. You will have everything you need at home, you’ll just need to get Organic Sunflower Oil or Grapeseed or Coconut oil. More info below.

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Due to the corona virus and social distancing the baby massage courses for April will be taught vurtually, this means I’ll send you a set up pack with what you’ll need and what to expect along with log in details. These courses have been discounted to reflect that I won’t be using my equipment. You will have everything you need at home, you’ll just need to get Organic Sunflower Oil or Grapeseed or Coconut oil in advance from any grocery store.

VITRUAL CLASSES SPRING 2020: APRIL / MAY @ Mind Body and Baby Massage
Monday Drop in Zoom baby massage from 10am every Monday BOOK COURSE £5 for session
Wednesday course: @home
VIRTUAL 22 April, 29 Apr, 06 May, 13 May, 20 May Log in from 10am BOOK COURSE

information for when the social distancing is lifted.
New course introduced! Mummy, Me and Little Learner
Are you a mum with a child and a baby?  Want to enjoy quality time with your baby but want your child safe and engaged in an in-sight activity. Look no further! Mind Body and Baby has teamed up with Little Learner to offer you the opportunity to do just that. Come to our 5 week family course where you can enjoy learning massage with your baby whilst your toddler/preschooler enjoys a themed weekly mark making activity.There’s no pressure on them to join in, but with such fun just a few steps away, we hope you’ll get some peace and quality time whilst your Little Learner will be engaged and happy, with you in sight. It doesn’t stop there! Let us make you a hot cuppa which you can drink whilst your baby is satisfied or alseep and your little learner is playing.

About Louise Prince
I am passionate about posture! Before I taught baby massage I worked in offices giving over the clothes massages to men and women. I found that I was working with the same problems every time. Each person improved for a few day,s but because of the nature of their job at a desk, their posture reverted back to the damands of their role.
I decided to look into when our posture changes and what influences it. I wanted to make MORE of a diffrenece. I discovered that some babies can develop tight muscles or strange positions in the womb and their birth can change the hape of their body or head or necl. i can’t massage them inside the womb! But perhaps i could make a diffierence when they are earith side!
I trained in Peter Walkers Baby Massage and Movement because its not just about rubbing your baby and bonding with them, thats a given. It’s about giving you, as their primary care givers, the skills and knowledge to support your child’s posture before a year of age, which hopefully they will carry through life and adjust their tools around their posture, instead of suffering the same fate we do, with aches and pains and bad backs later on.

Sam Holdsworth reviewed Mind Body And Baby5 star
I have throughly enjoyed the massage classes so far with Louise, she not only teaches you massage but also offers you advice. My little girl absolutely loves it and like the unique, friendly service she provides. I will be highly recommending her to all my mummy friends.

What to expect when you come for baby massage developmental courses
Once settled in and introduced you to everyone, i demonstrate massage techniques with a doll whilst you copy and coo with your own baby. We sing and rock and massage. Its lovely, informal and relaxed. I teach a basic but full body massage from week 1, guiding you though using oil and why each movement is so important. It almost doesn’t seem like you’re doing much by playing with your baby, but thats the magic of it!
We’ve got plenty of time so if baby wants to feed, let them! I’ll recap any massage that you’ve missed at the end of the session.
Each part has a unique benefit for your babies health, E.g. Opening chest for deeper relaxed breathing or sitting in a posturally correct position that enables a straight back, flexible joints and strong muscles 😇
I’ll make you a cuppa and sit back and relax after the session with other mums, don’t join the rat race just yet!

“We are halfway through our baby massage course and we are loving it! Louise has created a lovely warm environment where we can enjoy learning massage techniques for our babies. Plus I have met some wonderful, likeminded fellow Mums who have offered lots of advice and support to me. Louise is so knowledgable and has such a nurturing side to her and is always there to offer advice with any question or concern! My daughter absolutely loves it and the techniques learnt are guaranteed to help fall straight to sleep at bedtime! The course is a must do, I’ll be so sad when it end!”  Victoria Miller

Course Dates

ANTENATAL FRIENDS Courses designed around you! Have me come to your home and enjoy a baby activity with your friends you made on your antenatal course. I will set up with some mats and padding for your babies to lay on, teach the class and leave you in peace to enjoy.
Alternatively if you dont have a venue spacious enough for you all to sit with your baby between your outstretched legs, I can hold the course at my home in Cox Green, Maidenhead. I provide free off-street residential parking and include herbal, tea and coffee with biscuits.
Choose  a day of the week: Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. Choose the start date: Term time generally okay, this is a 5 week course dont forget when picking a date! Choose the time: 10am -12pm 12pm-2pm or or 1pm-3pm. email me to discuss

VITRUAL CLASSES SPRING 2020: APRIL / MAY @ Mind Body and Baby Massage
5 week courses, all you need at 2 bath towels.
Monday course : @Home
VIRTUAL 20 April, 27 Apr, 04 May 11 May, 18 May, 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE
Wednesday course: @home
VIRTUAL has the added benefit of the Little Learner option which is a mark making activity alongside your baby massage course for your older children. The 5 week course is £50 and Little Learners are £25 additional. The course without a Little Learner is £50. 22 April, 29 Apr, 06 May, 13 May, 20 May.10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE

SUMMER 2020: JUNE / JULY @ Mind Body and Baby Massage
Free off-street parking, 5 week courses, all you need at 2 bath towels.
Monday course:
08 Jun, 15 Jun, 22 Jun, 29 Jun, 06 Jul 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE
Wednesday course: 10 Jun, 17 Jun, 24 Jun, 01 jul, 08 Jul 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE

A FREE class is planned for Wednesday 26th August 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE

AUTUMN 2020: SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER @ Mind Body and Baby Massage
Free off-street parking, 5 week courses, all you need at 2 bath towels.
Monday course
14 Sept, 21 Sept, 28 Sept, 05 Oct, 12 Oct 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE
Wednesday course 
16 Sept, 23 Sept, 30 Sept, 07 Oct, 14 Oct 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE

WINTER 2020: NOVEMBER / DECEMBER @ Mind Body and Baby Massage
Free off-street parking, 5 week courses, all you need at 2 bath towels.
Monday Course
16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov, 07 Dec, 14 Dec (Xmas Theme) 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE
Wednesday course 18 Nov, 25 Nov, 02 Dec, 09 Dec, 16 Dec (Xmas Theme) 10am – 12pm BOOK COURSE

All courses may be subject to change. Sometimes being a working mum carries resposbilities when i have to put my children first. I’ll always do my best to rearrange or video the sessions to your satisfaction.

Additional information

Choose Course Start Date

drop in Mondays 10am, Virtual Wednesdays 22 April 5wks, Mondays 08 Jun 5wks, Wednesdays 10th Jun 5wks, Mondays 14 Sept 5 wks, Wednesdays 16 Sept 5wks, Mondays 16 Nov 5wks, Wednesdays 18 Nov 5 wks