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Mind Body and Bump Price List 2020

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Always add 15 minutes to your treatment time for changing and consultation (free)

Due to Covid-19 in 2020 I have had to change what is available as I softely reopen with Covid-policies in place. To see what is available, I’ve highlighted these in red for now.


  Indian head massage A gorgeous mix of neck, shoulder and head massage 30mins £25

Hopi ear candles & head massage 45minutes £40

Warm bamboo massage

It involves the use of warmed bamboo tools of varying lengths and diameter to roll, knead and relax muscles with numerous deep tissue and acupressure techniques.

40mins £40
60mins £60

Holistic massage Long sweeping effleurage movements across the body
40mins £40

Head Massage
15minutes £10

Holistic back, neck and shoulder massage
30mins £30

Reflexology (For Women at any age, Fertility, Pregnancy and Postbirth)
30mins £30
45mins £40
60mins £50

Pregnancy massage Side laying
40 minutes £40
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £80


Antenatal masterclasses
Available via Soom directly into your home

Repositioning breech, back to back or transverse baby It is non-invasive but been very useful to help turn alternative to a medicalised procedure. It doesn’t mean you can’t have an ECV to turn your baby, but there may be an easier and gentler way of doing it. I combine this with a lovely foot reflexology treatment which aims to support the rebozo work using energy to encourage baby round. 60mins £55

Getting labour started the natural way. Labour priming.
Reflexology, acupressure, rebozo, aromatherapy and optimal foetal positioning 90 mins £70
Just Reflexology and Acupressure 1hour £50

Post Birth Closing pelvic bones rebozo massage
45mins rebozo and massage £40. Book x4 £130

Baby and mummy massage 
A 1:1 guided session for you to give your little one a massage, followed by a massage for you. Choose from bamboo, head and holistic massages or Reflexology.1 hour 30minutes so that baby can be soothed or fed if they need to after their massage so you can fully relax to enjoy whatever time is left for your massage £60

Add warm bamboo to your massage £5
Add head massage 15m £10
Add foot reflexology 10m £5

Post birth mummy massage
Back and shoulders only 30mins £30
Relaxed back massage for new mum 40mins £40
Nurturing massage for new mum 60mins £55

Baby Massage
1:1,  Private and social distancing courses £40 per 1hr
Courses run regularly in Maidenhead throughout the year

Baby constipation, wind and colic & calming
Designed for parents whose babies are suffering from colic, reflux, constipation, wind and crying. I try to track down the root cause, I give you lots of techniques that may help with wind, sleeping and feeding as these are all linked for babies. I work with baby, assessing their tummy and gently using all my massage techniques.
1 hour via Zoom £40

2 hours to allow time for you to feed or settle baby, a full consultation and for me to work with your baby assessing and massaging. £70

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For a Reflexology appointment please send me a text message 07711-938856 and if you want to talk first, I’ll call you back.

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For gift vouchers in monetary amounts from £10 or for specific treatments. E-vouchers can be sent within 48 hours. All my gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. Please email me and I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Mind Body and Bump Treatment Room

My Mind Body and Bump therapy room is nestled in the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It is equipped with heating / air conditioning unit. I use a lovely soft cream for your feet which allows me to use massage-like movements to feel each reflex in the feet.
Expectant mothers are not recommended to lay on your back (and it may be uncomfortable to do so anyway!) I have a fully electronic couch that cradles your body in a semi reclined sitting position. It has several inches of padding for comfort and I don’t use any couch paper, so you’ll be sitting on warmed, soft towels for your treatment. I choose music similar to that you’d find in a spa; non intrusive, but perfect to get lost in.

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