Pregnancy Yoga with Tara

Bumps and Babes with Joanna and Louise

Yoga and birth information Monday evenings 7.15-8.30pm, Maidenhead

Pregnancy Yoga provides expectant mums  with safe exercises and time to relax during these  special months.  This relaxing informative class supports mums throughout their pregnancy.  It includes 45 minutes of pregnancy yoga each week followed by another 30 minutes experience & discussion; hypnobirthing, meditation, breathing, birth places, sleeping positions, the 4th Trimester, and much more.

Taking time out of your life to focus on you and the baby is very important as functioning on the adrenaline is not good for the birth or the baby!  This class will give you some moves that will  strengthen certain muscles and stretch others.  The  whole body needs to be strong for the growing baby and more relaxed for the birth. 

Tara Crist has been assisting Vanessa Hodge  (Midwife,  Hypnobirthing Practitioner) for 11 years now and is taking over this class from Vanessa whilst she takes her degree. Tara is bringing on board another midwife Joanna Williamson and a pregnancy and baby expert Louise Prince, to ensure this pregnancy yoga class continues to be at the highest most supportive level for you.

Classes take place at the Yoga Hub, Maidenhead. Mondays from 7.15pm. A 45minute yoga class with Tara followed by question and answer plus meditation or chat about birth positions, getting better sleep in pregnancy, birth plans and anything else you can think of! you’d like to know about with Louise and Joanna alternating weeks.
Prices of Pregnancy Yoga           Drop In or Trial Class £12         4 weeks for £40  Book online Here: Click here:

Tara Crist begun teaching prenatal yoga 12 years ago training in Aruba with an Osteopath Anton Issac and the wonderfully talented Shanti, well known on the island for her prenatal yoga classes and working alongside midwives. Tara also been supporting women after birth with her YogaBabes class for postnatal woman and their babies.
Louise Prince is a qualified Nursery Nurse and Developmental baby massage instructor. Louise teaches you how, when and why you massage your baby from birth to 9 months of age. Massaging your baby is not only bonding and a fantastic first activity to enjoy with your baby, but the health benefits are almost exhaustable. Louise gives you skills to tackle;.. effective winding, umbilical hernia, baby preference to lay head one side, birth trauma, tummy troubles & constipation. Her courses at Mind Body and Baby are designed to give you time to relax, make friends with others on the course and allow her to take care of you for a change!
Joanna Williamson of Over the Moon has twin girls and baby boy. Joanna is a qualified midwife with experience in both hospital and community settings. She trained as a hypnobirthing teacher with Katherine Graves of KGHypnobirthing and teach according to her methods. Joanna shares, ” I became a hypnobirthing teacher to help change this negative and fearful mindset, to empower women and their partners to experience birth for what it should be – one of the most fulfilling and celebrated days of their lives.”
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