Beat the heat in Pregnancy, tips from therapist Louise Prince and mothers alike.

What can you buy?
Cooling leg gel
Cooling spray
Water mist spray

General tips:
Keep your feet raised when you can.
Fill a children’s paddling pool for your hot feet
Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and pop in the freezer in the day, then wrap it and pop it into your bed before you turn in to cool your sheets.
Keep your windows and curtains closed and your internal doors closed to cool the air in them!
Run cool water on your wrists
Put on a fan on with a bottle of iced water in front of it, even better if your have a humidifier with cold bottle in front of it!
Cold water soaked muslins on you, particularly around the neck .
Eat lots of ice lollies
Track down places with air conditioning! Take your other children to jump in or an air cond. soft play! Without your children, head for a supermarket 😊
Drink little and often sips of water to stay hydrated or suck ice cubes.
Especially from me because I have a therapy room with air con – go and book a relaxing treatment!

Louise x