Post Birth Massage

Post birth massage and treatments  in Maidenhead by Louise Prince

When do you need it most than when your body has undergone such a huge change and very fast anatomical change. Birth can be exhausting and then you have a new born to care for! You’ll be putting your baby first now, but do remember to look after yourself occasionally. Sleep deprivation is tough and feeding tougher on your neck and shoulders.

You may bring your baby with you. They must not be mobile and must stay in their buggy / car seat or be with you on the couch. If you have a helper – your mum, sister or your partner, there are some walks around Cox Green I can recommend. See the bottom of this page.  


    Holistic massage

Closing Bones

Warm Bamboo Massage


Holistic Post Birth Massage


‘Holistic’ means Whole. So when you come for a massage after having your baby, I ask health questions about your birth, some are so that I can cater the massage to your needs, aches, pains etc and other questions may be so i can help you position yourself in the most comfortable way so you get the maximum benefit of the massage. I would assess your posture and work on releasing tension in muscles that are pulling your posture in directions that aren’t so natural for you. By supporting the body to release tension, remove lactic acid and relax muscles, you can leave feeling like a new woman.
You can lay on your side if you’re breastfeeding or on your front if you’re comfortable.

30m back massage £30
40m back and leg massage £40
60m body massage £60

Closing Bones – 6 wks to years after birth


About the treatment and where it came from:
Rocio Alarcon is an amazing woman from Ecuador. She was trained in traditional midwifery, shamanism and, ethnobotany by her mother and grandmother, and she also holds a PhD in ethnobotany.


Rocio explains that if we did MRI scans of pregnant women we would see how the hips open during the pregnancy, becoming wider and wider, and that after the birth it is paramount to help close them back to their normal width, otherwise mothers suffer from pelvic instability (Rocio attributes the many women suffering from hip issues in our society to the lack of closing the bones massages post birth) and leak energy. This is very true in my personal experience, my first baby was breech, my second baby head down but pelvic instability hit me at 20weeks and I was struggling to simply walk places, by 37 weeks I was hiring wheelchairs and electric buggies to attend Days out with my family.

We do nothing postnatal to help the pelvis and abdomen to return to neutral, this is where this ritual comes into its own.

The benefits of Closing the Bones Ritual & Massage

It is a time out for you; a time to have a quiet time with yourself and reflect on your journey to motherhood.

The massage stimulates blood flow which in turn; cleans, renews, moves fluids (may help with milk supply/lochia), moving hormones, immune system, toning muscles and tissue.

Due to this ritual’s nature of focus, restoration and quiet nurturing it can be an emotional thing to have. I believe this is how emotional healing of birth can take place. You are in a warm, quiet place, unjudged and safe to allow your feelings about your birth, whatever they may be or have been, to release. You may laugh, or cry, whatever you need to do.

45 minutes £35
Package of x4 45minute treatments £105

Mind Body and Bump post birth warm bamboo massage


Best given at 6 weeks after your check up with the GP. I can cater massages to side laying or if you prefer (and are breastfeeding) to lay on your front.

The benefits of having a warm bamboo massage far outweigh a hand massage. I qualified in this type of massage in 2016 and have been astounded by the benefits. Thinking I was adding a simple warm spa-like relaxing massage to my skillset, I started working with friends and clients. The results included a friend with sciatica whom had suffered for years, had x4 15minute treatments, and has been pain free enough not to have to come back!

In my option, the true nature of what your body and mind have been through during pregnancy and birth is enormous and not really reflected upon sufficiently. I’d very much like to help you to feel more ‘normal’ and help your body return to balance.

Massage will boost circulation, immune system, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, relax your muscles, give you time and peace just for you. Useful for achey muscles, breastfeeding mamas with sore neck/shoulders, sciatica sufferers and much more.

My postnatal massages are as good for you as they are refreshing, relaxing and pampering.

Quick Back holistic Massage

Focus on those achy areas and relax muscles, release tension and switch off. Mix of warm bamboo and hand massage
30 minutes on the back and shoulders only £30

Relaxed Back Massage for New Mum – with or without bamboo

Focus on the achy areas with a tranquil head massage to rest tired eyes and regain energy.
Back, neck and shoulders and head massage. Mix of warm bamboo and hand massage
40mins £40

Nurturing Massage for New Mum

Back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms. Feel nurtured and relaxed with this specialised massage treatment. this massage will provide all the support and calm that mum-to-be deserves during this special time. Mix of warm bamboo and hand massage
60mins £60



Reflexology can be given any time after your birth. You can bring your baby with you and if they dont sleep and want a cuddle or feed, you can do this whilst still having reflexology on your feet! Supporting the body to heal itself, after treatment you should expect to feel rested and calm. Other benefits would depend on what you asked me to concentrate on helping your body to do.
1hr £55.00

Suggested place for your baby-sitter!

Mind Body and Bump Treatment Room

My Mind Body and Bump therapy room is nestled in the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It is equipped with heating / air conditioning unit. I use a lovely soft cream for your feet which allows me to use massage-like movements to feel each reflex in the feet.
Expectant mothers are not recommended to lay on your back (and it may be uncomfortable to do so anyway!) I have a fully electronic couch that cradles your body in a semi reclined sitting position. It has several inches of padding for comfort and I don’t use any couch paper, so you’ll be sitting on warmed, soft towels for your treatment. I choose music similar to that you’d find in a spa; non intrusive, but perfect to get lost in.

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