There are lists everywhere for what to pack for your birth. I thought I’d tell you what I pack and what I’d suggest as Mum of two and the Maidenhead Birth Doula :0)

Your birth preferences – for your ideal birth and options or choices in the event of induction and C-section. This way  you’re in control all the way along

Dressing gown – a light, old one or primarni gown that you can drape over you for some dignity. If you have to travel in labour, gowns are brilliant to throw on top of what you’re wearing.

Slippers / socks – again, old pairs or ones you can throw away. Funnily enough your feet can get cold and if you pace the corridors at hospital or have stone floors at home, they’re a godsend!

Parking permit and money – some hospitals have a permit for birth partners to save you a bit of money. you need (generally) exact change for hospital car parking machines. It also helps if you’ve got a bit of change if you need some one to pop to the local shops to buy something.

Nighty/tshirt or baby muslin you’ve slept with – if baby is wrapped in anything or you have to be away from your baby for any reason, being wrapped in the smell of your mum must be much nicer than a strange towel.

Lip salve– especially if you’re wanting to use gas and air as your lips can get quite dry

Relaxation stuff – music, hypnotherapy, massage oil, aromatherapy oils,

Birth partner guidance – pictures and descriptions of birth positions, massage techniques and instructions for tens machines etc!

Pillow – you may only get one in hospital . If you’ve booked a homebirth get an old duvet which you can throw away afterwards – nothing like a comfy, warm nest after the birth :0)

Camera – to capture those special moments

Memory board/pictures – of your family, familiar scenes, other children, your life as a couple, holidays, beeches, baby scan photo etc. If you get wobbly, this is most useful to remind you what its all about.

Cooling spray – I have a Boots cooling spray but you could also get a small spray bottle and fill it with boiled, cooled water. Lovely if you get very hot in labour.

2 flannels – one for your face and one for your perineum. Ask the midwives, they’ll know what to do with the ‘blue’ flannel :0)

Hat for baby – babies lose heat through their heads so to keep them warm after birth.

Towels – for a homebirth I recommend having several, especially if you are using a pool or bath. I bought red ;0)

Do add your own ‘can’t do without’ in the comments for all those mums planning their homebirth, hospital birth or c section. Thank you!

doula photo