Keeping cool in hot weather in pregnancy

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You may be feeling hotter, in hot weather and possibly sweatier too. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can affect your internal heat. In pregnancy you’ll continue to build your blood supply, I think it’s an extra 10 pints of blood. Which will have an increased supply to your skin, which makes it warmer to touch. Then any movement in later pregnancy, especially if it takes effort to move about (you have pelvic pain or asthma or hay fever) increases your circulation, which can make you feel hotter too.

It is important to try and keep your body temperature cool in pregnancy. Getting hot can make you tired and dehydrated, lose salts from your body, as well as uncomfortable.

Louise Prince’s holistic at-home tips for staying cool for pregnant ladies.

Stay hydrated. Sip water little and often, maybe pop an ice cube in your water. If you don’t like water; add a slice of cucumber, lemon or lime for some flavouring.

Sit in the shade, rather than the sunshine. (which is a given really!)

Love your maxi dresses – cool, light clothing that won’t cling to you.

Avoid ice cold or freezing cold – Anything really. Its not healthy for your body to experience extreme changes in temperature so suddenly.

Enjoy an ice lolly or ice cream to cool you from the inside.

Place your feet in cool (not cold) water up to your ankles or get in a paddling pool with your costume on.

Keep moisturiser in the fridge so when you put it on in the evening, its lovely and cool.

Sleep under a single sheet, rather than a duvet or any other layer, or wear PJ’s without any sheets.

DIY Air Con Set up a fan with a bottle of frozen water in front of it, the air is cooled as it goes around the frozen water.

Summer Spritz. Use a little spray bottle of water. The water cools on your skin as it dries.

Cool Place. Keep your bedroom window and curtains and door shut throughout the day.

Eat chilled foods, particularly salads, vegetables and fruit with a high-water content.

Cool your wrists under some cold running water for a moment. This will cool your pulse points immediately.

Keep a flannel in the freezer to place around the back of your neck or, once it’s warmed up a little – on your bump. Or turn a hot water bottle into a cool one and fill with cold water.

Wear cotton-based underwear to keep you cool under any other layers you might be wearing

Enjoy a cooling shower

Turn off lights and electrical equipment you’re not using – rather than leaving them on standby (they’ll still produce heat)

Keep a hand fan near  you so you can turn it on for bursts of air movement.

Relaxed, steady breathing removes heat from your body, so you want to make sure you have a good breathing pattern when you are feeling warm.

Any other suggestions are welcome, I will add them!