Welcome to Developmental Baby Massage – we are open!

This is a relaxed, course available for parents with babies aged  2 to 6 months old. Mums, dad’s, siblings, grannies all welcome.
These are simple, but effective techniques that have a huge impact on your baby’s posture – keeping them flexible and building strong muscles, all the while learning through play and bonding through massage and movement with your baby

Sam Holdsworth reviewed Mind Body And Baby5 star
I have throughly enjoyed the massage classes so far with Louise, she not only teaches you massage but also offers you advice. My little girl absolutely loves it and like the unique, friendly service she provides. I will be highly recommending her to all my mummy friends.

Included in this course:

Welcome pack
Mini masterclasses in winding, importance of Tummy Time and other clever parenting hacks and tips.
Bottle of organic oil
Cuppa and biscuits after each class.
You’ll get a link to the video of each class you can do at home
Digital class guides
What’s App group, ideal for meeting more mums with babies the same age and making lifelong friends.

This is all wrapped up in 2 hours per class for 5 weeks.

What to expect:

There are padded change mats out on the floor
We will do a i demonstrate massage techniques with a doll whilst you copy and coo with your own baby. We sing and rock and massage. its lovely, informal and relaxed. We’ve got loads of time so if baby wants to feed, let them! I’ll show you the bits you missed, don’t worry about missing out.

Course dates and to book:  https://www.mindbodyandbump.co.uk/product/developmental/

I can give you support using massage for babies who;

  • Prefer to lay their head on one side
  • Flat head / tight neck
  • Tummy gripes/pain or wind
  • Belly button hernias

    “We are halfway through our baby massage course and we are loving it! Louise has created a lovely warm environment where we can enjoy learning massage techniques for our babies. Plus I have met some wonderful, likeminded fellow Mums who have offered lots of advice and support to me. Louise is so knowledgable and has such a nurturing side to her and is always there to offer advice with any question or concern! My daughter absolutely loves it and the techniques learnt are guaranteed to help fall straight to sleep at bedtime! The course is a must do, I’ll be so sad when it end!”  Victoria Miller


Coming Soon! When social distancing is over.
Mummy, Me and Little Learner
Are you a mum with a child and a baby?  Want to enjoy quality time with your baby but want your child safe and engaged in an in-sight activity. Look no further! Mind Body and Baby has teamed up with Little Learner to offer you the opportunity to do just that. Come to our 5 week family course where you can enjoy learning massage with your baby whilst your toddler/preschooler enjoys a themed weekly mark making activity.There’s no pressure on them to join in, but with such fun just a few steps away, we hope you’ll get some peace and quality time whilst your Little Learner will be engaged and happy, with you in sight. It doesn’t stop there! Let us make you a hot cuppa which you can drink whilst your baby is satisfied or alseep and your little learner is playing.