Babies regularly change position, you’ll know that from your midwifery appointments! From 35 weeks it would be beneficial for babies to be head down, their spine off centre on your left side of your body, This is designed to make the decent during labour, easier and quicker for both mother and baby. You’ll have heard that laying on your left side is best (it allows oxygenated blood to easier move around to baby) but what else could you do to ensure baby is in this position and what if they’re in a bottom down or back-to-back position?

If baby is bottom down (breech position) the options open to you are:
1. Research and have your baby in their so desired position.
2. Your hospital can offer an external cephalic version.
3. Use complementary support to turn your baby gently
4. Plan a Caesarean birth.

As a complementary therapist I use a combination of reflexology and rebozo.  I hope that doesn’t sounds as frightening as the option on number 2!

Reflexology is a kind of relaxing non-ticklish foot massage. Certain points are massaged or pressed to give your baby lots of ‘energy’. With baby having lots of energy for movement the next step is to use a rebozo scarf. The aim is the create the opportunity, space and movement for baby to turn to the most desirable position for labour.
This treatment can be given from 37 weeks and anytime up to and including during labour. To receive rebozo, you use an all 4’s position. The scarf hugs your belly and the rebozo practitioner gently lifts and rocks your belly. I’ve turned 4 babies using this method successfully, the 5th sadly didn’t have enough time after the session to know if baby had turned.
Due to the session being gentle but successful, there is no discomfort for mothers and only the space and encouragement for babies.
I can see you from 37 to 42 weeks gestation and if you’re able to get to me in early labour, I can help then too. As a birth doula and maternity reflexologist I can help you during these times.

If your baby does decide to change into an across, back to back or breech position, don’t feel overwhelmed or upset just yet, give me a call on 07711938856 to chat about what I could do to help gently encourage baby to move into a more desirable position.
There are two websites that I highly recommend that can also be very useful tools for you: positions including all 4’s and leaning forward

And They publish books and articles based in real hard facts and research:  and