More women are turning to complementary therapies, especially reflexology, when looking for support along their journey to becoming a mum. The understanding, friendship, support and time you could gain from a dedicated, qualified and pregnancy specialising complementary therapist is invaluable, especially during motherhood.

So what exactly is it like to be a holistic maternity therapist? Louise Prince, a Maidenhead based therapist and entrepreneur explains…   

Start of the day
8am Breakfast – perhaps a hot cross bun isn’t as healthy as it should be!
Having set up my room for my first client last night, I have time to respond to email and social media.
A text from a lady I gave “priming for labour reflexology” announcing the birth of their baby in the early hours. Always a pleasure to receive good news, and reinforces the love I have for supporting women.
Maternity Reflexology
10am My first client arrives. A lady 5 days overdue, breathless and uncomfortable hoping Reflexology is the thing for her as pineapple just isn’t cutting it!
I make an educated estimate from her Reflexology treatment that baby is around two fiths engaged and her cervix reflex is positive for dilation.
She leaves feeling like baby is lower and with instructions to enjoy the last few hours of pregnancy. Fingers crossed for another iminent birth!
Baby Massage
12.15pm Quick lunch then leave home to teach a private baby massage class. A group of 5 NCT friends with babies around 3 months. I’m looking forward to showing them the benefits of massage and movement for the babies including:
  • Improved posture
  • Soft, moisturised skin
  • Strong muscles and flexible joints
  • Relaxation (sleeping babies!)
  • Improved winding techniques and much more!
3.10pm Arrive home. Great class, mothers loved it and babies cooed all the way through – a pleasure!
Prenatal Massage – mum-to-be with twins
A lady 20 weeks pregnant with twins for a prenatal massage. Tummy massage is contra-indicated for a mother carrying twins, but I have 1 hour 15 minutes to fully pamper the rest of her body! She is a little shy about her body (as a lot of ladies are in their pregnancy) so I explain everything about the massage, give her privacy to get changed and begin by discretely folding each part of the sheet in turn to massage her back neck and shoulders, legs and feet, arms, hands and head.
THE best position for sleeping
Lying on her side with pillows and bolsters she mentions how surprisingly comfortable she is feeling! Ensuring the top knee is level with her hip, it relieves pressure from her back and hips and allows continuous circulation helping to prevent cramp as well! I refer to my facebook page Mind Body and Baby, she can find a video on the subject I give a little bit of Reflexology on her feet as she mentioned she is prone to constipation and haemorrhoids.
I was nicknamed The Haemorrhoid Hero by one NCT group who all suffered in silence and didn’t want the embarrassing problem when pushing in labour. Within 2 weeks each lady was pile-free :0)
End of the day
5.20pm I finish the day with three treatments of massage, a gift voucher and two 40minute back massages.
10pm I fall into bed, having set up the therapy room for tomorrow and cross my fingers for more birth announcements in the morning!
I love my job! Supporting women through this change in their body, emotions and daily life and actually making a difference within an hour is so rewarding, so simple and so effective. I enjoy empowering women with information and support, giving them the knowledge to make informed decisions and supporting them through a healthy pregnancy.
In my opinion, too many women are often unaware of the success using reflexology for fertility, they put up with pregnancy niggles like sickness and don’t know acupuncture is so effective, massage can help to prevent swelling and cramps, reflexology, yoga and  HypnoBirthing prepare your body for successful labour, a Doula’s support during labour is invaluable and the positive effects of baby massage on colic and wind. I feel like it’s my role to give them this knowledge and put them in touch with therapies that really make a difference.
Louise Prince, an NNEB and qualified holistic therapist specialises in fertility and maternity treatments and works from Mind Body and Bump from her home therapy room nestled into the garden in Cox Green, Maidenhead
To book text 07711 938856