Having reflexology in your pregnancy is safe only when given by a qualified maternity reflexologist like myself. There are acupressure points around the feet that can be used to prime for labour, obviously before 40 weeks, these are not used.

“Maternity Reflexologists aim to optimise the health potential of the pregnant woman. They will give the client reflexology information. They will not give medical or obstetric advice and must ensure that a client with problems is in the care of the appropriate Clinical Practitioners” – Suzanne enzer

Maternity Reflexology is the expertise of the Reflexology Practitioner in using a natural therapy (Reflexology) to support the natural event of pregnancy & birthing2 From

Pregnancy is not an illness, yet sometimes pregnant women are treated as if they were delicate flowers. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy. I apply a cream and use massage techniques to ‘work’ your feet.
I have a special chair that allows you body to mould into it. It is a recliner but keeps you in a semi-seated position, perfect to recieve reflexology in pregnancy.

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So what conditions can reflexology help improve?

Better Sleep
Constipation / piles
Symphysis pubis pain
Mood swings
Oedema or swelling
Low laying placenta
Stress, fear or anxiety

Slow-to-start labour
Preparation for labour
Premature rupture of membranes
Post maturity and induction of labour

Vaginal delivery
Medical induction of labour
Lactation problems
After pains
Constipation, heamorrhoids
Separated symphysis
Block ducts and Mastitis

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mind body and bump
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Reflexology continues to establish its reputation and popularity by the effective results people experience.  Empiric knowledge and research studies have demonstrated that those receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have shorter birthing with less intervention (1).
1. The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy. Dr Gowrie Motha Reflections Dec 1994

Is it safe?
The healing comes from inside you, however reflexology will spoort the healing process. Doctors diagnose, reflexolgoists use the feet to give them a complete picture of the whole being. You must not have reflexology if you have suffered with DVT. Reflexology increases the vitality of the vascular system, there is a possibility thombosis may move.
Precautions must be taken if you have any of the following in pregnancy. We may need to be more gentle or certain techniques should not be used. If you are suffering with any of the following I would appreciate a note from one of your health professionals to say it’s okay to continue with treatment. Threatened miscarriage, IVF, hypertension, diabetes, immediately after surgery, drugs such as clomid, heparin and warfarin, epilepsy, some diseases such as cancer, cardiac conditions, foot diseases, broken bones.