Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Baby massage is a wonderful activity to enjoy with your baby.

Mind Body and Baby

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Developmental Baby Massage is a good means of assessment. It maintains and prom211otes flexibility while your baby strengthens, and strengthens the spine, hands, arms, shoulders and back. You can learn these amazing skills by attending a course in baby massage and movement with me. Such an amazing first activity to do with your baby and with your friends.

  • Baby Massage from birth 1:1 private and mobile

  • Colic and Calming massage consultation

  • Private group courses for NCT / antenatal groups

  • Courses run regularly in Maidenhead throughout the year

Classes at Mind body and Baby, Maidenhead

I run classes in my home where I can control the warmth, ensuring babies are warm enough. Classes are really relaxed, I give 30minutes to arrive before we start the session which hopefully helps if you need to change a nappy before you leave! Upon arriving, you can park your car in my driveway or residential area so there’s no need to walk far.20170206_103737

Once started if half or more babies need time, I’ll stop the massage session and you can settle babies before we continue. Each baby gets a welcome pack, class instruction sheet and bottle of organic oil to take away – refills are free. Also included are tea and nibbles after the session and I try my best to cater for dairy and gluten free mamas or babies! Chocolates, cake or biscuits provided by some mums are very popular!

Current Courses
At Mind Body and Bump, Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL63PF.
Mondays throughout the year. Click on
To book for more info text Louise 07711 938856

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Massage from Birth Babies aren’t always that happy to be nude to have a full body massage in the first few weeks so I provide this session on a 1:1 basis. We can ensure the temperature is right and we can use techniques that introduce your baby to massage movements. I can do this in my home or yours.1004 (8)

NCT or Antenatal group courses can be catered to your group’s availability. Tue – Fri between 10am-3pm. I bring mats to cover your floors, mats for baby to lay on and of course you’ll get your welcome packs, oils etc. I charge a minimum fee per class with a suggested number of classes from 4 up to 8. New techniques added each class and they’re easy to learn as the basic massage is built upon each session.


  • Ensures full flexibility of joints including spine, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
  • Promotes good posture sitting and standing;
  • Keeping baby’s spine straight and strong when bending forward, sitting and standing;
  • Encourages a wide variety of versatile movement and good balance;20170306_115005
  • Develops a strong structural foundation and more self-confidence;
  • Helps to strengthen a strong straight back;
  • Helps to keep the baby’s heels down and spread the baby’s feet securely on the floor to enable him/her to stand and walk with more confidence and security;
  • Opens front of chest and shoulders, which helps to deepen breathing volume;
  • Relaxes baby’s tummy to ease anxiety, colic and other tummy ailments
  • Stimulates ascending and descending colon to encourage an easier digestive system and a more relaxed baby.
  • Encourages and promotes your baby’s circulation to warm and relax your baby’s legs and feet;
  • Maintains and promotes emotional attachment and confidence in handling and being held.

    Baby constipation, wind and colic & calming

Facilitated by Louise Prince baby massage instructor, NNEB nursery nurse and qualified massage therapist. I provide call outs for parents of babies with tummy troubles like baby constipation, wind, colic, reflux.  A two-hour consultation designed for parents whose babies are suffering from colic, reflux, constipation, wind and crying.

14639639_333038333726316_1724471164184466143_nThe consultation and practical treatment aims to support parents through this demanding time, address the issue and help you through it. It’s important to understand where the route of the problem might be coming from, I listen hard to you for you know your baby best and we chat about sleeping, feeding and baby’s personality. I offer information and practical tools to help the problem and discuss further options available. Referrals to a network of professionals if further support would be useful..

One of the most important parts of this session is the treatment I give baby. As a massage therapist and baby massage instructor, I massage baby assessing their digestive system and working it as needed. It’s a gentle but effective treatment.

I prefer baby is happy so you can stop anytime and feed your baby, I also will walk around, move baby into different holds and maybe show them what’s out the window! You should expect your baby to become tired from the treatment and sleep well and I’ll leave you with some tools to help you soothe your baby between sessions.

I find most babies only need a couple of treatments to show a marked improvement with immediate results only a few hours after the first treatment.

To book or for more information please send me a text 07711 938856 and I’ll be in touch to help.


About Louise Prince your tutor
I have taught baby massage with mums for the RBWM and Bracknell forest borough who are supporting young and teenage mothers. If you’re a returning mum you’ll have seen me at Clewer Youth and Community Centre, Windsor, The Lawns Children’s Centre, Windsor, Maidenhead Nursery Children’s Centre (North town) Ellington Children’s Centre, Maidenhead, The Rowans Children’s Centre, Bracknell, Langley Church Hall (for the rowans CC). Crownwood Children’s Centre, Bracknell. I taught for 6 years in local children’s centres and was a valued member of their team.